April 16, 2013, by Shane

Time to Enjoy Things

Hey there readers,

Happy Tuesday. So I usually post on Mondays but I’ve have been pretty bad at sticking to schedule recently, yet this week I was going to be organised. We have a week before Uni starts again, so I bashed out a 9-5 day of coursework yesterday because ‘the fear’ has leered its ugly head once more. Due to this busy day I wrote my blog in the evening, and it was all ready to be uploaded when a power cut struck! I know, who gets power cuts these days?. ‘Oh very convenient Shane’ I can hear you think … but I swear its the truth! I was anticipating Alien invasions the rest of the evening.
On with the blog …
Here are a few of my favourite things:
What I’m listening to … one of my favourite bands of all time released their fourth album last Monday so I have been raving to it the whole of last week (and I’m still going). Paramore are an American Rock band whom lots of you will probably have heard of. Some of their songs have been used for Movies such as Twilight and Transformers, but their albums are where the band really shine; each album one is an incredible body of work. Their new, self titled album is very quickly becoming my favourite because of the different sounds, from a Yukelee on tracks like ‘Interlude: Moving On’, to the Gospel Choir on tracks like ‘ain’t it fun’. This album has taken more of a pop direction than some of their previous albums, but it just makes me love them even more. Their songs still make me feel like a rebellious, angsty teenager four albums later and I love them for it.
Restaurant Standard?

Restaurant Standard?

What I’m eating … being at home means: 1.) there’s yummy food that I can’t afford on a university budget which I can demolish, and 2.) I have time to whip up delicious food in comparison to the pasta and sauce I’m so used to when Im in a rush at University. Being the perfect son that I am *cough* I decided to cook most nights last week for my family. I enjoy creating delicious meals when I have the time, so this was a great chance to do so. The meal I was most proud of was Chilli and Ginger Salmon, with grilled asparagus and sweet potato chips. Drooool. The chilli and ginger sauce was mouth-watering and it was the first time I’d ever made sweet potato chips. They were incredible (and so much healthier than normal chips).

On the weekend I also whipped up a batch of banana and oat muffins … before proceeding to eat nearly half the batch (whoops).
So Scandalous ...

So Scandalous …

What I’m watching … not that much. However, on Sunday I had a proper lazy day, the kind where you’re glued to the couch all day (it was awesome). This gave me a chance to catch up on one of my favourite shows: Scandal. Scandal is a American political drama created by Shonda Rhimes: the genius who created Greys Anatomy and Private Practise. The show revolves around Olivia Pope, a ‘fixer’, who used to work in the White House but subsequently left to start her own firm of specialist lawyers who aren’t really lawyers. She’s also the President’s mistress. I know, scandalous. In each episode Pope and associates work to get their client(s) out of a scandalous situation, while in the background there is an overarching storyline, which i wont give away on here. So on Sunday I washed the five episodes I had been meaning to catch up on and it was incredible! We’re getting so close to the season finale and each episode is mind blowing. I cannot recommend it enough.

If you check out anything I’ve mentioned above, let me know what you think!
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