March 10, 2013, by Kiran

What a Joke!

Today I went into the Disney Store and my friend and I were put on the spot and asked by a shop assistant to tell him a joke! He wasn’t just making polite conversation. It turns out that if we made him laugh, the Disney Store would donate £1 to Comic Relief! Now that was a lot of unexpected pressure for a Sunday afternoon. Luckily, this particular staff attendant had a generous sense of humour and my wit contributed some money to a good cause.

Also, this week on The Morning Show with Kiran and Alix (every Wednesday 10-12pm only on – cheeky plug) we centred the theme on Comic Relief, telling our best WORST jokes, playing the funniest songs and trying our best to generate some hilarity. It was all going so well until half way through the show when someone texted in telling us that Comic Relief was not actually on that Friday but the 15th March! With listeners laughing at us, we did still manage to keep the show on a comical theme…even if we were now the joke!

Now you may have noticed I have left out the actual jokes told in all these cases but that is mainly because I don’t think it is really fair to inflict them upon you. Instead, to get you in the spirit for Comic Relief THIS FRIDAY (that’s right, I checked this time!) I will inflict these on you…a series of completely unrelated things that I find amusing:

1. If you did not watch The Goonies as a kid, you were deprived…


2. I showed this picture to my brother and he replied with a simple ‘Why?’ I don’t think the concept below really cheered him up but it does make me giggle


3. My house mate showed me this video yesterday and I spent about 15 minutes laughing about it. It is quite mean and I probably most definitely would not be laughing if this happened to me. Also I am aware that most of you will already have seen this but I’m behind the times so please indulge me!


4. Going to try to very tenuously link this video to university. Here it goes…

My house mate showed me this video while we were at university. Phew, nailed it!


5. On a more serious note Mr. Kiran the goldfish is dead. My friend revealed this information via text two weeks after the incident.They had already flushed him down the toilet so I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.  Why is this on the list you may ask. Well, I informed my Dad of the news and he said ‘What happened? Did he drown?’




I apologise if not one of those provided with you any comic relief!


p.s. Ha ha ha! He he! Ahahaha! LOL! And here is one last example of a bad joke but it actually makes me laugh…

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