February 17, 2013, by Kiran

21 Years OLD

Instead of going out last night I stayed in with my house mate and we put on some face masks and (kind of) watched a Sandra Bullock film. I went out for cocktails with my friend in Sheffield earlier in the week and all we were looking forward to was going home to sleep. The next day we went on a café crawl and experienced Sheffield’s biggest attraction – a door-less lift that you have to jump in and out of, the lift equivalent a rollercoaster…or death trap.

Also, last week our house got all dressed up to go out (I even put contact lenses in) only to stay in and have tea and quiche, staying up chatting until the early hours of the morning. My housemates have also told me that they can hear me sighing around the house.

My point is am I 21 years OLD?!

If this is the case, I am okay with it! While you mull this over, please enjoy a series of humorous pictures of myself and my house mate fashioning aforementioned face masks:



I only included three pictures as I’m pretty sure it won’t have taken you too long to mull the subject over. Speaking of pretty, (see example above) it is surprisingly relaxing to experience the effects of two different face masks at the same time; while one half of my face was paralysed the other felt as if it was going to melt. Washing off the goo, my face felt well and truly radiant…and a bit tired if that is possible! Unfortunately there were some unfortunate side effects:



In case you were fooled, my face is actually fine and these pictures have been altered by some very clever apps. Phew!

But it was actually nice to just take a moment to relax. I had spent the week filling in applications and receiving rejections and finding a whole new set of applications that could potentially lead to more rejections (but hopefully not!) The only thing I had to worry about here, while the mask set for 10-15 minutes, was my face.



But it’s back to filling out applications again and after settling on applying for a Masters – I went to an open evening in which I got a free pen and they told me all classes would be in the evening – it is just a case of finding some work experience for the summer and a potential job for next year. Oh and getting accepted onto the Masters programme. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?!

For now though if anyone asks me what I want to do in life, I may just recite this answer:


p.s. I realise I come across as slightly boring in this blog but I assure you I have as much fun as the next 21 year old youngster! See next week’s blog as an example…I hope

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