February 8, 2013, by Gemma

Two Weeks In

So I’ve pretty much gotten back into the swing of lectures again. The constant coughing of those around me recovering from refresher’s week is slowly subsiding. My folder is finally clearly divided into my three modules. And my desk is now only 1/4 full of clutter.

I am still getting used to my new timetable though. Not to complain or anything, but all my lectures this semester start after 1pm…Sleeping in has been bliss, but it does mean that I don’t do any work until I get home after 5pm. Even then, I usually unwind first with a bit of tele, because a whole one hour of lectures on a Monday is very taxing on my brain you know.

There are a few solutions I’ve thought of:

.          1. I don’t go to all my lectures so that I can start work earlier?

This will most likely just make the situation worse. It will be like doubling my work as I’ll have to catch up, and I’ll miss those all-important comments and exam tips from the lecturers. Onto solution two…

.          2. Become a total diva and demand the SU rearrange my module times

Ha! As if!

.          3. Choose modules according to what times they’re on

Too late. Module entry forms were due today, and it’s silly anyway to choose modules that I might fail in just because they start a bit earlier.

.          4. Set my alarm earlier than 11.30am.

Nah! Arguably the most feasible solution, but I like my sleep too much, and there’s something about working before lectures that doesn’t sit quite right with me. Hmmm, I’ll have to keep thinking…

Acceptable or unacceptable?

On Tuesday night, I brought Kit Kats out with me to Market Bar. It wasn’t exactly intentional. On my way to a friend’s beforehand, I bought a pack of 5 Kit Kats because I was craving chocolate. By the time we got to Market Bar, I had eaten 3. There were some mixed views about whether taking snacks to a bar is okay, but this is me we’re talking about…I’m a foodie! And you know what, someone said they were hungry, so out came my kit-kats to save the day. At least the photographer found it amusing too.

Market Bar

Market Bar

Market bar

Kit Kats save the day










This recently got me thinking about what’s accepted at Uni as the norm and just plain old weird.

Since coming to Uni I’ve witnessed things that I guess are the norm amongst students:

  • Drying your clothes in any room but your bedroom (kitchen, living room, hallways, etc.)
  • Complaining about a lack of funds despite spending £50 quid on a night out in Crisis.
  • Popping to the shops in your pyjamas.
  • Wearing pyjamas to lectures.
  • Wearing pyjamas (in the form of a onesie) to a club.
  • Pretty much wearing pyjamas to anything that isn’t formal.

I’m yet to own my own onesie, but 1-D definitely wear them well:

Onesie-wearing One Direction

Onesie-wearing One Direction

Meal out

On Wednesday we went to Marrakesh, which serves delicious Moroccan and Lebanese food. Coincidentally, after going, LivingSocial have set up a deal with Marrakesh, so you can get a two-course meal with mint tea for two for £26! I would really recommend going, especially with this deal.

Sambousek and falafel

Sambousek and falafel

King prawn main course

King prawn main course












That’s all from me guys. About to watch a horror film with a mate. See you next Friday! 🙂


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