February 6, 2013, by Beca

Where’s Wally?

Sorry this one’s a little late; I’m still recovering (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it)

* * *

Train hard, play hard.  That’s my motto for just about everything; admittedly my definition of playing hard isn’t quite the same as everyone else’ as I’m not a massive fan of drinking loads, but rest assured I was out both Friday and Saturday with a cheeky 5 hour Jitsu session in between.  #likeaboss

End of exams celebration with OTC meant a Where’s Wally bar crawl round Nottingham.  I made it to number three (at around 10pm) before escorting a rather drunken friend home.  The taxi driver was actually really nice and kept pulling over for us; definitely did not want to pay a fine.

Where's Wally 2

Where’s Wally? Can you find him? Can you find me?

Where's Wally 1

Don’t ask where I got the glasses from

7am start Saturday morning definitely didn’t feel good, not after being up since 7 the day before to get to my mentoring sessions.  Hot foot through Beeston to the train station followed by multiple changes and I found myself on Coventry.  I must say, after I’d got my head in the game it was some of the best training I’ve done; something about throwing a friend round in front of people with a big grin on your face (even when it goes a little pear shaped and he drags you to the ground with him).  Jitsu knows how to party, probably because most of us are or were students.  The theme was masquerade and the food was delicious.

Midlands Ball 2 Midlands Ball 1

It couldn’t last for long, I spent the train journey home (and the hour sat in Nuneaton station) doing work like a good little girl.  I actually met a fair few people headed to Notts too; we bonded over standing room only between Nuneaton and Leicester.  Bring on Brecon this weekend!

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