January 29, 2013, by Beca

Is it me, or is time moving more slowly ?

You’d think, being halfway through my university career, I’d know where I’m going by now.  Coates had other plans.  Multiple staircases (I needed the extra phys anyway) and three different entrances later I finally found C29.  Don’t ask me how I got there, lets just say I made a much better job of it when I stopped following random people on a wild goose chase up and down staircases.

Twenty minutes into the first lecture of the term and it becomes horrifyingly apparent that it will not be the usual short introduction that sees us out the doors in no time.  The note books come out; time to be productive.  New term, new start.  I resist the urge to check  facebook.

Forty minutes and I realise we won’t even be leaving on time, the clock becomes the enemy.  We’ve grown bored of writing, notes become scrawls around the sides of the too small slides of the handout.  My tummy rumbles.  No notifications, I feel unloved.

The hour mark is reached.  Then the second.  My mind is drifting, thinking of the weekend and how much I wish I was still hiding away in Lincoln, away from work, housemates and washing up.  I spent Saturday night in the pool hall, my technique improving with every cider… or maybe it was just the lads getting worse.  We’re on borrowed time, the lecture’s supposed to have finished but there’s still 7 slides to go.  The clock hand continues to tick, I’m sure it’s moving slower and slower.  I’ve no idea what the guy at the front is prattling on about, I made the mistake of fazing out, oops.

I wish the clocks in the lecture theatre looked like this, like how I feel

There’s a flurry of activity; the last slide’s up.  When will lecturers learn? We have handouts, people know when the end is near, people want to be out of the door as soon as possible.  I feel bad, he’s still trying to talk over the rustling but no-one seems to care.  {PET HATE}  He stops and it’s like feeding time at the zoo as everyone races for the door only to stop right outside and wait for their friends while everyone else has to weave through, many only a few paces before stopping themselves.  We moan the lecture’s over-run, check we know the right rooms for tomorrow and retreat to our homes, to lunch and to bed.

* * *
PS. I hashed my first two days lectures together… It wasn’t quite this bad when broken down over two days

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