January 20, 2013, by Kiran

Want to Watch a Film?

It’s still exam season. It’s still essay writing, presentation planning time. So when someone asks that procrastination fuelled question: ‘Hey, do you want to watch a film?’ the answer should always be ‘NO!’

The extended answer should always be ‘No thanks, I have to do some work.’ So when someone asks you this question 5 times, you are armed with the perfect answer, the perfect excuse to at least refuse their request once. Yet the words that come out of your mouth always contradict your conscious, easing the guilt with justifications like ‘I can work with the film on in the background.’ In fact, as I’m writing this blog our house is watching James and the Giant Peach…but I’m not a big fan of this particular fruit so it’s not too distracting.

Film 1: Les Miserables

Seeing as it is not really socially acceptable to take a laptop into a cinema, when my housemates were all going to watch Les Mis, the 3 hour musical to movie epic, I of course decided to take a 3 hour break. My weak will could not resist the hype and as it turns out the soundtrack is very good music to work to, the songs on reply while the essay writing continued.


Film 2: The King’s Speech

I had never seen the film before. Also, seeing as one has a presentation to do, one was (maybe) definitely taking (mental) notes on the vocal techniques one needs to articulate a majestically successful presentation. Let’s hope it comes in useful next week.


Film 3: Sliding Doors

What if I hadn’t watched Sliding Doors? What if I had? Well I did and it proved a bit of brain training, myself and my housemate guessing the entirety of the plot between us.


Film 4: A Little Princess

So we have a bunch of exams and coursework but it could be worse. You could live in Wartime England at a boarding school, find out on your birthday that your Papa is dead and be treated as a servant having to face the humiliation of cleaning up after your former school friends every day. If things can turn out ok for this little princess, surely we can get our coursework in on time!


Film 5: Spice World

The fact that during the opening credits to the Spice Girls movie a certain male housemate of mine was under the impression that ‘We’re watching a James Bond film are we then?’ made Spice World completely worth the watch.


The collective force of these five movies however had this effect…just substitute ‘Natalie’ for ‘Kiran’ or your own name if necessary.

Well James and The Giant Peach has now reached ‘The End.’  Whoops. Luckily, so has this blog. Whoop!


p.s. I cannot be held responsible if these movie trailers then possessed you to go on and watch the entire film feature of any of the above.

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