January 8, 2013, by Beca

If I did new year’s resolutions…

The whole, ‘remembering how much I love my family and have missed them while at uni’ lasted a whole maybe, three days.  Then I remembered exactly why I enjoy uni and independence so much.  I might only be halfway through second year but I haven’t lived at home for nearly two years now, spending half my gap year in the wonderful land of Swindon.  I’ve been back in Notts since Sunday.  What have I done with my rediscovered independence you ask ? Barely left my bed for two days.  The joys of a 3/4 bed… a sleep and study area combined.

I do miss my dog though =(

My laptop is my new best friend; a constant supply of music from youtube while I pretend to revise, my prime weapon in juggling the massive to-do list that is my life at the moment.  Exam pressures are a given at university but life doesn’t go on hold just because of them, the rest of the university doesn’t either.  Events need planning, people need e-mailing, meetings need to be attended and oh.. house hunting.  Yes, I did just mention that word.

Now to pretend I didn’t.

– – –

Exam period is not the best time to start trying to change things about your life but if I did new years resolutions I’d have resolved to…

  • Not each half as much chocolate as I did last term
  • Run 5 miles (in two/three shorter runs) a week
  • Improve my French
  • Be somewhat organised with my life and not so last minute
  • Join a new society, something away from any form of violence or remotely military related
  • And finally, get back into photography… here’s a few I’ve taken around Notts in the last year – bring this term’s photography module

DSC_0310 DSC_0268

Deer 009 110 024

– – –

As a final note, for all who are slowly being subjected to death by revision, take comfort, it could be death by spoon instead.

World’s most inefficient weapon =D



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