November 9, 2012, by Gemma

6 Simple Rules

I’m currently blogging from the comfort of my London home, where it is oh so toasty and I don’t have to do any washing up. WINNING!


Yesterday evening I was on the train, and it seemed those around me had forgotten simple public transport etiquette. So I have decided to present my own list of Do’s and Do Not’s for travelling; whether you are on a train or getting the bus 34 onto campus.



Make sure you have change ready

  • Do put your hand out at the bus stop to hail down the bus you want. If you don’t, the bus will drive right past you. I have missed many buses for not letting the bus driver know I wanted to get on their bus. Don’t rely on others at the bus stop to do this, they might be waiting for another bus…or worse, waiting for you to do all the hard work!
  • Do prepare your change before getting on the bus, so that those behind you aren’t waiting those extra 10 seconds in the cold for you to find that 5p that’s “in your wallet somewhere”.
  • Do say thank you to the bus driver if you think the ‘bus driving service’ was to your standard. It will brighten up his/her day.


Do Not’s:

  • Do not listen to your music on full volume. There’s probably a 99% chance that other passengers do not want to listen to your tunes. A fellow passenger on the tube yesterday: He took his earphones out of his ears to inspect the volume (which was on full blast), only to put them back into his ears… at the same volume, looking particularly satisfied. Whyyyyy?
  • Do not put your bag on the seat next you when the bus/train/tram is busy. Someone will either ask you to move it, or just sit on it. Do you really want someone else’s behind on your bag?
  • Do not talk about your deepest darkest secrets or last night’s “crazy antics” on the bus with your best mate. There’s a time and a place for such activities. Remember that there is a high chance that there is someone you know on the bus, eavesdropping away. To be honest, no one wants to know how many times you puked after your 7th jägerbomb!


So that’s all guys. If you do the “do’s” anyway, congrats! If you are guilty of the “do not’s” on a regular basis, and know you want to stop, you could set up a penny jar where you put a penny in every time you realise you have done a “do not”, and then donate the pennies to charity.


See you next Friday!

*Looks for purse…*

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