November 7, 2012, by Sarah

You have been watching

I have a confession to make:

I love TV.

Glad I’ve got that off my chest.


I feel sort of un-cultured and plebeian saying it, like I’m admitting to loving watching bear-baiting and attending public hangings, instead of watching French subtitled black and white films and sketching metaphorical representations of dreams I’ve had whilst staring into the middle-distance.

But facts are facts and whilst I love reading and adore the theatre, TV has a place in my life too.

TV is a great unifier as a student. When you’ve been busy all day and focusing on work, for me it’s great to take a break and watch something with a friend. Some things are so much better to watch together. For example, Take Me Out. This is a show that on my own I could happily leave but in group – it somehow becomes hilarious. Everyone has an opinion and you definitely can take your brain out and give it a rest whilst watching. Also comedy programs, I love watching comedy live but TV can make a happy alternative, one of my favourite things about my first year 10-person flat in Halls was everyone sitting round and laughing at the TV together.

So this week, whilst work has been heavy, I’ve also been having a break and watching TV.

Young apprentice has started and it is so much fun – although it does make you examine your personal efficacy, considering it seem like most of the candidates have run businesses since they were two and were born holding spreadsheets of their time in the womb.

In my first trimester I saw a 17% increase in cell margins and mitosis increasing exponentially. The 9 month business plan exceeded all expectations.

This week I also carved some pumpkins:

They call me toothless Joe

Spent far too much in a 99p store: I mean how is that even possible? So many things I didn’t know I needed…

This cup was 99p and it brings me JOY.


Went to a quiz and curry night:

Wrong Curry – that was last week’s blog


Bought a knife-sharpener in Aldi. No, this is not weird, I’ve wanted one for ages! I had blunt knives!


Spent a weekend with my Grandma: IT WAS SO GOOD – LADS ON TOUR

My Grandma and I are like the dream team. Seriously. My course involves various hospital placements and I’m hoping to do one in a hospital near her so we could live together- which would be totally awesome.

Anyway, as my to-do list is very long I will love you and leave you with some intellectual comedy:

Cracks me up every time.



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