June 5, 2012, by Adlan Wafi Ramli

How’s your holiday?


I’m currently revising for my exams. Progress is not too bad at the moment. I need to finish one module before the end of today and get back to Clincal Phase 1 – Clinical Practice (the tough one) as soon as possible since this is the one where a lot of people failed to get good results. Scary~

Well anyway, I went out with my friend, Lut last Saturday for a bit of shopping and lunch at Las Iguanas.

Calamari! I just love them!

This dish is called the blazing bird. Simply delish!

These sweet potato fries are truly sweet!

After having all these delicious food for lunch, we headed out to Sports Direct since I need to get myself a new pair of shoes for jogging. I realised that there are a lot of sales going around during this holiday. I hope you guys didn’t miss out on any of the offers! There were so many people at the city at that time. Everyone is enjoying the holiday come rain or shine. It would’ve been great if I had done my exams. Oh well~

Oh yeah, last but not least..

It looks fun and it's free for the day!

We can’t really go onto this slingshot since we just had lunch. It’s free and available on that day only -_-”

Anyway, it was a great day to go out to Nottingham City Centre. So basically, that’s my holiday. Okay, need to get back to revising. See you later!

Till then,

Wafi 😉

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