June 2, 2012, by Adlan Wafi Ramli

2 Weeks Left!

Hello everybody!

How’s your week? Have any plans for the bank holidays? I’m afraid I don’t have any apart from staying at home and studying for my upcoming examination in the next 2 weeks. Yeah, most of my friends from other courses have already finished their examination (Lucky them!). So yeah, if you ever have to do Medicine at The University of Nottingham, be prepared to have different examination dates than the rest of your friends. It’s not that bad though. You get used to it. After all, when you become a doctor one day, you can’t really expect to have lots of holidays.

My rice cooker ^_^

Apart from that, I’m bringing home (Nottingham) my rice cooker from King’s Mill Hospital. It was a gift given by my mum before I came to the UK about 3 years ago. My mum always asks if I’m eating well whenever I call home on Skype. Well mum, don’t worry, I’m eating healthily and adequately 😉 So right, I was saying that I’m no longer going to cook rice at King’s Mill Hospital since exams are approaching. So from this moment on, I shall eat take-out and ready-made meals! I think this is normal for students really. You just have to survive the few weeks before exam by eating foods that you order online or takes less than 15 minutes to prepare. Good stuff!

I also tried some of these ready-made sauce and apparently, it took more than 15 minutes. So, I'm trying a different strategy next week

Ok then, hope you’ll do something fun during the bank holidays (unless you’re a Medic like me)!

Take care!

Being me,

Wafi 😉

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