June 1, 2012, by Gael

The Last 10 Credits

As of 2.30pm this afternoon I have officially completed my undergraduate degree. As the final minutes of the exam ticked away and I frantically wrote my concluding sentences I realised these were the last sentences I would write in the last ten credits of my degree. They were related to culture and power relations and there was something poetic in them, relating to my overall academic learning experience here at UoN. And then when the examiner instructed us that ‘we were done’ it’s a huge wave of emotions; elation, relief, freedom, achievement, grief, loss, confusion, overwhelming, and exhaustion. It’s taken me a few hours to find a moment in all the hype to really reflect on all that has happened these past three years. From academia to social and from Brisbane to Nottingham, I’ve had experiences far and wide that have all contributed to my academic sharpness, my cultural understanding and my approach and conclusions. I’m sure over the next month, and the run up to my formal graduation ceremony reflections on these last three years will be explored in my head…for now and today it’s time to celebrate.

Isn’t it funny how almost immediately after the exam I take to my phone to inform my loved and cherished ones around the globe that I’m finished, that I went out with a bang, that I’m proud. Those who have loved and supported and championed my growth in these three years are the first people I want to share the elation with and the way to do so is through the modern technology of mobiles and social networking sites. What is it that makes us want to pick up our phones and share these moments that are so special, what’s wrong with the group of thirty students surrounding me who are all in the same situations, experiencing similar emotions – why not focus on them? The sheer fact that I even stop to think about this in the hype of everything else is a reflection of the impact my degree has had on my knowledge and my ability to be critically aware and conscious of the everyday routines that surround me.

My head, like this blog is pretty much all over the place, this week is packed with thoughts for the future, exploring possible flats for my new home, seeing old friends, and celebrating old times….I better get stuck into it. For all of you still faced with the looming monsters of exams and finals, I wish you all the best and good luck. The fog does clear and everything does come together, I promise you.

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