May 11, 2012, by Adlan Wafi Ramli

9th of May – A day to remember

Hello everybody,

9th of May was a really great but hectic day. I had double assessments on that day for my CFU (Community Follow-up) module and I also have a Celebration Event to attend in the afternoon.

So, for my CFU, I actually fell asleep accidentally at 3 am. I was in the middle of doing a presentation using Prezi (it was my first attempt on using this cool software) and I actually dozed off for 2 hours. I was a bit panicked when I got up because I still haven’t completed my presentation and I also have to catch a bus back to Mansfield. Thank God it was only 2 hours! So, I managed to finish up my presentation at around 6.30 am and took the bus at 8.00 am.

When I submitted my report for CFU, I was like “Alhamdulillah!” (it’s Arabic for all praises to Allah). This module has been going on for more than a year and it felt good when it’s finally completed but I wasn’t really done yet as I still have to do my presentation in the afternoon.

My CFU Presentation using Prezi for the first time

That afternoon, I was given the chance to go first. I was thankful for that since I need to leave early to get back to Nottingham. And I presented my topic – The role of dogs in providing social support to patients. I actually put a lot of pictures. I just realised that it would be cool if I could include the names of all my friends in the room. They’d be happy to see that. Oh well. But at least they enjoyed it (I hope so). Well, I know that my tutor, Dr Anisa liked it. She’s just so lovely. Anyway, it was the only assessed presentation I ever had to do and honestly, I really enjoy doing presentations. Maybe because I love talking to people.

We all got these cupcakes at the end of the event. It looks so good!

So, I was allowed to leave early for the Nottingham Advantage Award Celebration Event. Nonetheless, you can’t really rely on public transport that much. I ended up reaching Trent Building at The University of Nottingham minutes before the event begins. I actually enjoyed the Celebration Event. I love the food – especially the tarts with cheese and mushrooms (I really don’t know what they’re called). I had a lot of them actually and that was practically my lunch. But the most important thing is, I’ve completed the Award. After 2 years, it’s finally come to an end. Now, I can simply focus on my other 2 roles: a member of IKRAM (a Malaysian students organisation based in the UK and Ireland with lots of activities all year round) and for Barnardo’s as an Independent Visitor.

This is a picture taken during a programme called BOOM (Blooming Out of Medicority) Camp organised by IKRAM. That's my friend before he made the leap of faith. The name of this activity sounds so cool.

I guess I have the tendency of making my life hectic but it’s simply because I believe that as long as we have the chance to live in this world, we should try our best to make it meaningful. So that in the future, we know that we’ve fully utilised our time in the past with beneficial activities. Hence, let’s dream high!

Okay, I really need to get more sleep. I still haven’t recovered from my CFU lethargy.

Till next time,

Wafi đŸ˜‰

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