May 10, 2012, by Gael

Revision and Rain

What is with the weather at the moment? Does it ever stop raining, I feel like everyday I choose the unluckiest time and get soaked haha. I suppose having to do work in grotty weather is pretty lucky though – the worst thing is being holed up inside doing repetitive revision while the sun beams in through the windows and you can almost smell summer and freedom, but you’re just trapped inside…So I suppose in a very odd weird way the rain keeps us inside, keeps us working and makes the world feel fresh when it does let up for a couple of hours at a time.

I had a lovely break and relax at home last week, but on returning back to Nottingham have quickly fallen back into the frantic working atmosphere that takes over NG7 from May-June. I feel very lucky that I did get that time away to just stop and re-cooperate while I was home. Returning on Sunday I cooked my lovely housies a roast after their hard work all week, slightly worried they’re gradually fallen apart from the pressure of finals…and come Monday the revision schedule began (depressing way to spend bank holiday).

Oh but the end is now so in sight that the final push of revision and two exams is bearable and determined. While saying goodbye to UoN seem’s nigh on impossible. Days are currently spent in Hallward Library, Silent Study, requesting books, scouring short loan and note-taking with the hundreds of other arts students in there…but there are some moments where you just have to stop and take it all in…it’s the last three weeks that I’ll be doing this and I’m sure there’ll come a point where I look back and want this revision hours back….but then again probably not!!

The good thing about revision (yes there is a good thing) is how you can break it up; yesterday after a productive day I rewarded myself with the evening off, me and my girlfriend got our nails done – perfect activity on a rainy day, and had some wine in the evening.

Spring colours in the hope the rain will stop

The trick is to pace yourself and give yourself time off and head space before the real cramming begins. I’m sure I won’t be sounding so relaxed this time next week. In other news I found out my location with UB next year; Asby de la Zouch…not the most exciting location by any stretch of the imagination but in trying to find silver linings in the grey skies we’re having, at least it’ll be cheap and I stay close to Nottingham…not getting rid of me that easy!

Here’s to another productive week….G xx

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