April 26, 2012, by Gael

Submissions and Sleep

It’s finished, complete, submitted and handed in. This afternoon, the months of reading, planning, structuring, writing, editing, shuffling, formatting finally ended and I submitted my final dissertation.

I realise why it’s such an integral part of third year; yes it’s tough, and intense and gruelling at times, but if you didn’t do something like this, it may feel like you never really achieved something particularly influential in your three years. My dissertation may not break sociological boundaries or grounds, but I am incredibly proud of it, and the conclusions it does make are significantly important to the area it studies and my experiences though it. I feel like I’ve achieved, that I worked hard for the three years of this degree, and this is my final hoo-rah. Yes I have two exams, but this is a piece of work I can forever be proud of and know I have the capability to produce.

I’m proud. But I’m also exhausted…I’m crashing now, you expect a sense of relief or elation, but really I just feel proud but tired. I think after an evening of not having anything to do – wow – and a good night’s sleep, the sheer enormity and elation will kick in, but for now I’m content in wallowing in the feeling of having nothing else to do.

This week has obviously consisted of dissertation editing and finalising, but also my return to Nottingham – there is something relaxing and poetic about your return to Nottingham for what you know will be your final term here – it’s time to make the most of it – you’ve come full circle since those Fresher days, and now, as you near the end, you want to get the very best grade you can, but also make the very best memories so you go out with a bang…here’s to the final term as a student at UoN….

G xx

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