March 11, 2012, by Adlan Wafi Ramli

There’s been a death in the opposite house

The grave news of someone’s death affects us in varying ways. In 2011, approximately 154 138 people die each day worldwide.  If a family member or a close friend were included in the figure, surely we would be emotionally affected whereas if the person who had passed away is just a person whom we never met, then it is a whole different feeling.

A medical student whom graduated last year from The University of Nottingham had just passed away. I know her. She was really friendly and also an inspiration especially when she presented about the teachings of Islam during one our medical lectures when I was a 1st year student.

The news came as a shock since I bumped into her during summer last year, all fit and healthy. Little that I know that she had been battling with neuroendocrine cancer for a number of months before taking her last breath today.

Friends in Nottingham are all praying and hoping that she will go to jannah (heaven). As Muslims, we believe in the hereafter (known as akhirah) and thus, we must lead a life filled with goodness in the pursuit to attain the blessing’s of God (Allah).

"Everything that gets born dies" Morrie Schwartz

Hearing the news definitely affected me – it made me cognizant that we could die anytime. The effect is so significant to me because I know the person and who she really was in life. It would be a whole different experience if I knew her through other people. Although I don’t really know her that much, but I can surely tell that she is a kindhearted person with a lot of wonderful friends.

She was present in my past and she has now passed away. This incident serves as a reminder for me about the future that we would soon undergo this inevitable experience…as anything that lives will surely die.

May Allah bless you Dr Suraiya Abdul Munaff~

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