March 8, 2012, by Gael

Adrenaline Rushes…

Hey gang –

Can’t believe it’s been a week already! So much has happened in the last week, and so much is still to happen in the next few days – I’m living for Wednesday next week when life slows just a little (although still frantic) and I finally have a few moments to collect my thoughts, ground myself, and focus on one thing rather than 5,000…eeeekk!

So I finally threw off my cold (ew!) on Monday this week – still a bit sniffly now, but the worst is over, finally and feeling more active, awake and less groggy again – lemsip, cheap cold/flu tablets and overdosing on soothers is always a good bet – but remember I’m an arts student, not a pharmacist of medic so don’t take any of my medical advice!

Friday I heard from United Biscuits….I GOT A PENDING JOB OFFER…WEEEEEW! (notice the pending however) – turns out they loved me (YAY!) and they really want to employ me on their HR grad scheme this September, BUT I majorly failed their numerical reasoning test…oh dear haha. I managed a mere 12% of a test they insist all graduates get at least 30% – to be fair, getting 30% is a pretty low margin considering it’s GCSE level maths, now I got a B in my Maths GCSE so I know I can do it….it’s just a case of refreshing my memory, having a bit of confidence, and not losing my cool…so on Tuesday next week (13th) I’ve got to sit another test, if I pass the 30% mark I have to job (if I want it…) If I don’t then I guess the final decision lies with them…so fingers crossed for me!

Before then however, I have two 2500 essay deadlines in for Monday…one is 2000 words in, the other is 0…and tonight I just changed my essay topic…OOOPS. this is not advisable, but I just had a huge jolt of inspiration and have been running off an adrenaline high since Wednesday night and really feel that this new focus is going to mould one of my best essay’s yet…my focus centres around the module culture and power, which basically discusses different theories of power (like Foucault) in contemporary society and particular cultures…we have to focus on a cultural case study to apply theory to relevant events. Initially I was going to focus on coming out, and the power relations surrounding sexuality, however…after watching this

(which I’m sure you’ve already seen what with it going viral in mere hours) my focus is not on the power of the mission (although a very good one!) my focus is on the power of social media in contemporary society to inspire and recruit a global community – I am energised and grounded enough to attack this essay with passion and interest – it’ll be an intense and exhausting marathon to Monday, with many hours, and many coffee’s spent in Hallward library…but this is what being a student is all about (especially a final year) biting into something that challenges and inspires you, and immersing yourself in it to challenge, critique and analyse yourself, your society and your world.

Wish me luck! I’ll see you next Thursday – when I emerge from hours of sleep on Wednesday!

Have a good one.


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