February 26, 2012, by Mark

Six Degrees

Last weekend saw me attend my first college basketball game that in typical American fashion was on a mammoth scale. A full house in the John Paul Jones Arena was entertained by cheerleaders, dance troupes, a full marching band, a military led national anthem and an amusing mascot named ‘Cav-man’ and this was all before the game even began. UVA went on to defeat Maryland 71-44 much to the joy of the home crowd.









I should also mention the weather we are experiencing here. Virginia has one of the most inconsistent climates I have ever experienced that make dressing appropriately a daily challenge. The photos below were taken this week here at UVA just three days apart; we had heavy snow one day followed by a day to rival the best of British summertime in the same week. Madness!



As well as the climate I have been contemplating the theory of six degrees of separation this week. This was sparked by the fact that there are three people I previously went to school in the U.K. with, here in Virginia. Furthermore the power of social networking and the ability to see mutual friends has come into it’s own. I have met a lot of people here with whom I have mutual friends. The best so far being an Indian gentleman down my corridor with whom we have a mutual friend we both met in India. It really is a small world at times…

The American University spring semester is split into two halves divided by the aptly named ‘Spring Break’. Many American students tend to head south to chase the sunshine and it looks likely I will be following suit joined by other exchange students next week, road tripping south aiming for Miami. But before this week of sunshine can begin I have a week of Mid-term examinations and deadlines to look forward too, back to the books it is.

– Mark J Richardson


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