February 23, 2012, by Gael

Reading Repetition

Don’t you just hate those weeks where you can’t really remember what you’ve done because every day just merges into the other because they’ve all be so similar…well that pretty much sums up my week. Not to have a depressing slant in anyway, but these next three weeks are crunch time; deadline wise, dissertation wise and job wise, and the stress is creeping up.

My days have consisted of reading, research, more reading, some writing, and you’ve guessed it yet more reading…the problem with reading is you spend hours doing it, and it doesn’t really feel like you’re getting anywhere, and sometimes you can spend hours doing reading or looking for articles or books, that end up being of little use to your project. The reward is when you’re finally ready to sit down and write your assignment and you get it written in a few hours flat, thanks to your strong understanding of its route and background. What’s even more rewarding is receiving positive feedback and good grades once it’s been marked – a highlight of this week has been the translation of my UQ grades into UoN’s marking system – my hard work paid off and I was rewarded two 76% grades for two 20 credit modules. So while the reading may remain mundane and frustrating, the marks at the end of it are my goal, and the knowledge that there are only a few months left keep me going.


Funny Stress Relief Advice

To keep stress levels at bay I go swimming a few times a week, not only is it a good form of exercise, but it helps reduce my frustration and provides a few moments of calm to bring the stress levels back down to manageable. Third year and final semester is a shock to the system, but it also helps prepare me for leaving university and entering the real world…with an assessment centre looming at the beginning of next week, I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll be some solid plans for my future coming soon!

Back to the reading room now, to hopefully have enough done by the end of today to start some actual assignment tonight!


G xx

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