February 16, 2012, by Gael

Leap Years and Love.

February suddenly seems to be stretching out to be the longest month ever, ironic really when it normally goes so fast; I’m blaming the fact that’s it’s a leap year. This week has been crammed full of deadlines, drinks and dramatic days. February 14th – that day; dreaded by singles, males and cynics across the world, and adored by Hallmark and other huge corporations who market love as a commodity. My day saw a roller coaster of different emotions;

  • Denial; 14-02-12 = 0 – mathematical evidence that V-day didn’t exist this year!
  • Anger; When the flowers I was sent from friends in Aus were stolen from outside my Lenton house (NG7 Stereotyping?)
  • Goggle.com; it’s little doodle video on the homepage brightened my entire day.

Valentine’s day is essentially just a commercialised day to force people to evaluate their relationship (or lack of one) – but cynicism aside it should also be a day to celebrate the wonderful people you have in your life (friends and family included) and spread the love.

V-Day aside, this week was non-stop time juggling of social and academic commitments;

  • My mum came up to visit and I took her to Lee Rosy’s Tea Room – a favourite with students and somewhere I dearly missed when in Aus.

    Tea selection at lee rosy's

  • Yet MORE job applications and interview preparations (still no luck on the job front – starting to panic slightly!)
  • My own dissertation deadline for a certain section – it’s really beginning to form now, with defined chapters and conglomerated findings…now it’s to start writing the analysis and discussion…EEEKKK!
  • My UQ grades returned – with a commendation for high achievement from the dean at UQ and a 76% average (WOOHOO!)
  • Cocktails with the lovely new housemates and the girls, to get dolled up and make the most of the last term as a student.
  • And I finally joined a gym, and have been swimming in the early morning – it’s a wonderful stress relief and a great way to keep fit!

My new housmates - ready for cocktails.

This next week looks even more packed full with student ambassador commitments, a study abroad de-brief, plus essays, dissertation and job interviews…but here’s to hoping there’s good news at the end of it!

G xx

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