January 30, 2012, by Adlan Wafi Ramli

Of growing up and watching fireworks

Do you love fireworks?

My childhood was filled with memories of me staring into the dark skies with all those brilliant lights flying up and high.

It simply is exciting to watch fireworks. After all, who doesn’t love viewing a colourful splendour?

Just look at this photo, taken from the Chinese New Year Celebrations at the University of Nottingham’s Lakeside yesterday!

Photo courtesy of Lut. You know what? His name kept appearing in my blog over and over again that I think he should have his own blog 😛


It’s strange really or maybe, it’s simply natural…as we grow older, we tend to lose interest in the things that we enjoy the most when we were children; back when we were young and innocent.

I used to enjoy going out into the cold nights and watch various fireworks displays wherever possible. In Malaysia, my Dad would usually take us out (me and my siblings) to go and watch the firework display during Malaysia’s Independence Day, 31st of August. Of course, I was excited back then – getting ready to go out with my family and just be mesmerised with the spectacular diorama in the night skies.

Why did I enjoy it back then? It’s simply lights and colours creating various shapes as they shoot across the sky.

Maybe because it’s not about the fireworks themselves..maybe it’s the company of the people that we’re watching it with..the presence of those whom we care whilst we look upon the sky and suddenly, these bright lights shine as they fly throughout the darkness. To know that we’re sharing this memory with someone special.

Just maybe…

Take care,

Wafi 😉

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