January 26, 2012, by Gael

Old Lives and New Beginnings

This week started off quite tough; my family’s lovely greyhound (see previous post for picture) had to be put down last Friday – he was twelve years old, and had lived a happy, comfortable life with us for 9 years, but unfortunately he had been experiencing a lot of arthritic pain and several nightly bad episodes and so we decided to let him go. It was peaceful in the end, and a relief to see him out of pain, moments like that remind you how fragile life is, and how every moment of the day someone is losing someone or something special to them. My thoughts go out to those right now, who feel alone in their grief, or numb in their pain. Everyone needs someone, the world can seem lonely, and society with it’s depressing economy and commercial obsession can seem mundane. Look out for one another and love, in time it can heal all wounds.

Getting Broody over New Borns

Every minute there may be death, but there is also life; this week, as I have done the past 3 weeks, I tuned in to C4 at 9pm to watch One Born Every Minute, this programme is a paradox – it makes me desperately never want to give birth, but in an ironic twist also makes me broody for a baby. Last night there was a lovely  disabled woman Tricia who gave birth to her first child, it was a beautiful, emotional journey, which bought my parents and I to tears – it reminded me of the circle of life (in clichéd Lion King manner) and that life in all forms is beautiful and with new life comes new beginnings.

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This week saw some achievements;

  • All my interviews for my dissertation have been transcribed.
  • The readings for my module this semester have been printed off and organised.
  • Books and notes have been read in preparation to start writing my dissertation.
  • Chapters for the dissertation are in progress…

I’m finally gearing up for student life again – the prospect of the next 6 months (my last 6months of uni *sob*) is quite daunting. How is it that September 2009, when I first stumbled onto University of Nottingham Campus as an innocent Fresher, has so quickly become February 2012, and the final semester of my undergraduate degree begins in earnest. My boxes for Lenton and Student Housing return are packed, my clothes are yet to be washed, sorted, and bundled into a suitcase – I need to prep myself for living on a limited budget, eating nothing but pasta and cheese and getting used to sleep deprivation. I’ve been spoilt over since November – with no academic deadlines, and 6 weeks of being in a constantly heated house, with no expenses,  I think it’ll be a shock to the system to return to Nottingham on Sunday and student life.

I move in with new friends and a new house this Sunday, I’m a little apprehensive but also excited to return to NG7 and catch up with old friends and old haunts. Have a great week!

G x

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