January 22, 2012, by Adlan Wafi Ramli

Where should I go to during my February holidays?

Hi everyone!

If you haven’t realised yet, I’ve submitted my dissertation last Thursday. Yeap, no more torments from the world of Microbiology. It was a great day for the 3rd Year Medics as we all celebrated our freedom from the Honours Year Project. Well, we’re not fully freed yet since we still have our viva voce in February. But that day was definitely worth celebrating.

Anyway, my class is starting tomorrow. I know..such a bummer. It’s like we’re only celebrating for about 3 days only. And after that, I would have an exam in the next 2 weeks and then, there’s viva for my project. I hope that would go well.

So, my last module before I begin my Clinical Phase is AMC, which stands for antimicrobials (The treatment and prevention of infections). I know, this module should be an advantage for me, shouldn’t it? Since I’ve been learning Microbiology for the past whole semester (half academic year). Well, I’m not really interested in the subject so, it’s not really a bonus for me. I still have to struggle with the rest of my colleagues.

Nevertheless, I still haven’t decided on the country(ies) that I should be going to in February since I have a week’s holiday. (Yes, doing a course in Medicine will give you weird holiday dates in your academic year) I’m thinking of going to Czech or Austria. Still thinking though. Well, I’ll let you know later.

Taken from the time when I went to Turkey during Easter holidays in 2011 with the people I care

Till then,

Wafi 😉

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