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Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry about my absence of late… the last few weeks before the Autumn term ended were very busy, and since then I’ve been busy with coursework and exam revision.

I handed in two pieces of coursework on Wednesday; they both were very difficult and took a lot of effort but I’m reasonably pleased with the way they turned out! Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

I had my first exam this afternoon, in ‘Medieval Englishes’; I was really nervous about it but it went a lot better than I expected and I’m confident that I did well in it. I’m glad it was my first exam as now I have had a bit of a boost to inspire me for the others! Can’t take too much time off to celebrate however, as my next exam is tomorrow – yes, at university you can get exams on Saturdays!! I had one on a Saturday last year too, and when you first hear about them it’s a little disheartening, but to be honest since there are no lectures or seminars during the week throughout the exam period, you have the same routine every day of the week anyway, and weekdays and weekends merge into each other. Tomorrow I have my ‘Investigating English Language’ exam, which I’m anxious to do well in because it’s my favourite module, and I am heading towards a career on the linguistics side of things, so I better get going with some more revision for that. My last (and worst) exam is on Monday evening, so not much longer to go now…

Wish me luck!


PS – Guess which part of revision is my favourite?? The answer is in the picture…


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