December 6, 2011, by Kay

My Week with Marilyn, Woo Woos and Househunting in Edinburgh


Good news, I’m half way through my literature review! Bad news, I have an assessed presentation today in Globalization and Innovation in China…

Since my last blog post I’ve been working like a dog. The target everyday has been to arrive at Hallward Library by no later than 9:30am.

For the past week or so I’ve been really good! I learn’t last year though that constant working early, working all day, and working some more will drive me nuts!

So over the week I took advantage of Orange Wednesdays like most rational cinema-goers and went to see My Week with Marilyn- awesome film! Highly recommended folks!

I also took advantage of the 2-4-1 cocktails deal at The Slug and Lettuce in town with some of my girlfriends. Since we haven’t sat down to catch up over drinks in a while it was a brilliant night!


~that and I was in all likelihood going mad reading journals all day =^_^=

Woo Woos and Dune Bugs

I’ve also started to house hunt in Edinburgh for after graduation. I’m very lucky as I have a graduate scheme secured in September. The first 18 months of my placement will be up north so I best find a place to live! I spent my summer in Edinburgh so it’s nothing scary or unknown to me. Here are some photos of cool places in Edinburgh city centre that I thought I’d share. What’s even more awesome is that two Giant Pandas from China have arrived at Edinburgh Zoo recently. Seeing them will be the first thing I do when I get up there.

If you are one of those poor students slaving away looking for an internship or grad scheme- good luck and stay strong. I know exactly the kind of stress that applications and numerical reasoning tests can do to you. Stay at it though, you’ll get there.

Love, Kay

Scribbler Cards and Gifts, Princes Street, Edinburgh

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