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Enquiries Light – final testing before launch

The first stage of Project Transform — Enquiries Light — is set to launch on Monday 11 May. We’ve already shown you what the new enquiries form will look like, so here’s a bit more of an insight into what kind of testing the system goes through before we release it into the real world. Enquiries …

Project Transform update

The first element of Project Transform, Enquiries Light, is set to launch on Monday 11 May — marking the first change to the University’s processes and technology connected to the student journey. The second GoLive covers areas including Admissions and takes place in September 2015. The final GoLive focuses on the student record system from …

Enquiries Light — first screenshots of the new enquiry form

Project Transform is building up to its first GoLive date — Enquiries Light is set to launch in May. This is the first of three GoLives which will see the project implemented across the University in the UK, China and Malaysia. The second, in September 2015, will bring Enquiries Heavy. September 2016 is the final stage, covering …

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