August 8, 2019, by Dr. Meghan Gray

Staff-Student Summer Football Tournament

After exams and results and all the hard work from the academic year had passed back in June, it was time to celebrate a bit with a friendly sporting match between staff and students. Last year the sport of choice was cricket — this year: football. Cheers to undergraduates Hannah Coleman and Subin Saji for this tournament report and Mark Palmieri for the photographs.  

On a rainy Wednesday in June, 30 staff and students came together to battle it out for the inaugural summer football tournament trophy. Despite a few dropouts due to the Physsoc boat party the night before, the six teams held firm. Newton FC, Mansfield FC and Heisenberg FC made up Group A, while Galileo FC, Einstein FC and Hubble FC formed Group B; the winner of each group going into the final.

After a some opening remarks from Tony (‘you’re not wearing that Man Utd shirt on my team’, ‘don’t break anyone’s legs’) the first games kicked off. Despite some valiant efforts from Mansfield, especially some great runs down the wing from Elena Boto, they failed to make the cut in group A. The same fate awaited Newton FC, who, despite winning their first game, were unable to take the second after a substitution mix up. This meant a very deserving Heisenberg FC (shout-out to James Moss’s top goalkeeping) reached the final.

In Group B, Einstein FC failed to make the cut, losing their games 8-0 and 5-2. Galileo FC gave it their best shot but were unable to keep a self-assured Hubble from claiming the top spot.

The rain decided it was time to return with a vengeance for the final, but it was nevertheless a fervent affair. By full-time every player was soaked through, with Heisenberg claiming the trophy after a 3-1 win. Heisenberg skipper, Ben Potter, lifted the brand new trophy to rapturous applause from spectators.

A huge thank you to everyone involved, it was a great way to end the academic year. Special thanks to Tony Padilla and Hannah Coleman for organising the tournament, Mark Palmieri for taking some fantastic photos (a selection of which are available in the gallery below or on Mark’s photography website), Rosy Crawford for being a stellar first aider, and Clare Burrage for coming down to support!


All photographs courtesy Mark Palmieri:


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