July 14, 2017, by Dr. Meghan Gray

Fond Farewells

Congratulations to our new BSc and Msci graduates!


Graduation is always an important part of the academic calendar.  It’s always a little strange to mingle at the reception we hold at the School to celebrate our new graduates:  all dressed up and surrounded by proud friends and family, it can sometimes be hard to recognise the students we’ve spent years with in a more…academic…setting.  However it’s always nice to have an opportunity to mark the occasion before the formality of the graduation ceremony, with all its pomp and funny hats and gowns.  Forget about exams and coursework and grades:  now talk is of summer adventures, new jobs, plans for the future.

For those of us who act as personal tutors it’s a time to celebrate the achievements of all our students, not just of those students at the top of the class.  The biggest smiles are sometimes reserved for those whose personal stories we know well, who have sometimes struggled with academic or personal challenges, but who have worked hard and been rewarded for their persistence and resilience.

So congratulations and best wishes to the graduating class of 2017:  we are proud of you all.

2017 physics graduates

School of Physics and Astronomy 2017 Prize Winners

Prof Michael Merrifield presents prizes to all of this years award winners.  Special thanks to Tessella for their ongoing sponsorship of the Tessella Prize for best use of software in a 3rd or 4th year project.




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