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Pharmacy Research Blog August-October 2016

Welcome to our latest edition of the School of Pharmacy Journal and Newsletter, a collection of publications and press releases from August to October 2016. (follow the link to see the full publication).

Aug-Oct 2016 Research blog

Aug-Oct 2016 Research blog

These three months have seen the School has continue to progress the broad spectrum of research in pharmaceutical science, and make a positive impact in society. The 46 research papers collated in this journal evidence the work of the School in the physical, health and social sciences in areas such as analytical chemistry, biomolecular sciences, signalling, polymer chemistry, tropical medicine, pharmaceutics and formulation, technique development, materials science, immunology, wound management, toxicology, and medicines adherence.

As you can see from the author list, our publications reflect a ‘Team Science’ approach to interdisciplinary work and portray the collaborative nature of our work with postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers, research officers and academic staff across campuses all contributing to the work.

Along with the School at the Malaysia Campus, we welcome the talented and highly-motivated students to the School who have embarked on their PhD studies at the start of the academic year and look forward to celebrating their success in developing their chosen field of research and their contribution to our team.
The School has run a number of activities through which we demonstrate the value and impact of our work and seek to inspire the next generation of scientists. These included the Royal Society Summer exhibition in July, the Leonardo Da Vinci events at Nottingham Castle in September, and expansion of the School of Pharmacy After-School Science Club. We look forward to continuing these and similar activities in the future.

Professor Phil Williams

Director of Research (Nottingham)

Professor Nashiru Billa

Associate Dean (Research) (Malaysia)

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