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Pharmacy Research Blog May-July 2016

Dynamic Surfaces for the Study of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth through Adhesion Regulation

Dynamic Surfaces for the Study of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth through Adhesion Regulation

Welcome to the latest edition of our School of Pharmacy Journal and Newsletter, a quarterly collection of publications and press releases from May to July 2016 (follow the link above to see the full publication).

Researchers in the School continue to pave the way to tackle the healthcare challenges of the present and future. The advent of personalized medicine, where both the drug and its delivery are tailored to the individual, has created new challenges for the pharmaceutical industry.

In June we and our partners were delighted to be awarded a £3.5m grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to develop a library of 3D printing materials. The project, led by Professor Ricky Wildman from the Faculty of Engineering, aims to develop 3D printed products in fields as diverse as pharmaceuticals, food, agrochemicals and consumer products. Professors Clive Roberts and Morgan Alexander from the School join Ricky, Richard Hague, Ian Ashcroft, Chris Tuck and Derek Irvine, from the Faculty of Engineering.  Also Tim Foster, Professor of Food Manufacturing and Director of the Centre for Innovative Food Manufacturing and David Ambilino, Professor of Sustainable Chemistry plus industrial partners GlaxoSmithKline, Unilever, PPG, Syngenta and Malvern Instruments will all work with the aforementioned academics to establish a suite of new materials from which anyone can select the most appropriate 3D printable material for their product. It is our aim to remove the limited palette of materials available to industry and the significant barrier to the wider adoption of this technology will be greatly reduced. Details of this and other awards made during the period are given later.

Our research continues to be published in the leading journals of many fields of pharmacy science and practice, including: ACS Nano, Analytical Chemistry, Blood, Nucleic Acids Research, and Scientific Reports.

This period also saw the launch of our new undergraduate Masters of Science course in ‘Pharmaceutical Sciences with a Year in Industry’. The course has been designed, together with experts from industry, to prepare graduates for careers in drug discovery, medicines design and development and meet the current and future needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

We are delighted that the great efforts of all staff and researchers has helped propel the School up the Guardian University Guide league table for Pharmacy and Pharmacology to 4th where we remain the top school of pharmacy in England.

Professor Phil Williams

Director of Research (Nottingham)

Professor Nashiru Billa

Associate Dean (Research) (Malaysia)

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