May 21, 2014, by offcampus

Noise Awareness Week 2014

The sun is shining and the temperatures have climbed, which can only mean one thing: it must be exam season. Hopefully the beautiful weather in Nottingham will outlast the exam period and everyone will be able to enjoy the last weeks of term.

In those brief moments when you’re not hard at work revising, your mind might have wandered to thinking about how you’re going to celebrate once you put your pen down at the end of your final exam. Barbecues with friends, lazy days on Lenton or Radford Recreation Grounds, celebratory nights out in the city… there’s some very tempting options to daydream about.

This week is Noise Awareness Week – you might have seen a leaflet pop through your letterbox from Nottingham City Council or spoken to a Community Protection Officer about it. It’s a national campaign which looks at all kinds of noise issues which affect communities. The Council and Police are sharing some great advice which will help you to celebrate the end of term without disturbing those living around you.

The University examination period lasts for three weeks, so remember that people will be revising right up until the last day on Friday June 6th. Please be considerate of your fellow students and don’t disturb their hard work. Plus, while you might be all wrapped up and ready to enjoy the summer by the first week in June, don’t forget that children living in your area will be studying for SATs, GCSEs and A Levels, which continue until the end of the University term.

With all that Purple Flag-winning Nottingham city centre has to offer, we’d always advise making the most of all its licensed venues and official events organised by the SU when you’re looking for somewhere to celebrate. Just take care to keep the noise down as you travel to and from the venue.

If you do decide to host a party at your house, please take the following advice into consideration:

  • Host it at the weekend
  • Let your neighbours know that you’re planning a party in advance, and agree a reasonable time for the party to finish
  • Keep the music down, especially the bass. If you’re playing music, keep doors and windows shut to stop noise spilling out
  • If the party starts outside, be sure to move it inside before it gets late
  • Remind your guests to leave quietly

If you are affected by noise from neighbouring parties please call Nottinghamshire Police on their non-emergency number 101 while the noise is happening. Please explain exactly what is happening and what disruption it is causing. Police Officers will aim to attend and, if necessary, warn your neighbour. Please understand that the length of time it takes for officers to attend could be affected by other incidents reported to the Police across the city at that time.

The Police and Community Protection work closely with the University, and the University does take action when reports of noisy parties are received. We want to be a good neighbour, and we expect our students to be respectful members of the communities they live in here in Nottingham.

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