May 12, 2014, by offcampus

Why do you love where you live? – MayFest 2014

At the heart of our activity for MayFest last weekend was one simple question:

‘Why do you love where you live?’

People from all over Nottinghamshire and much further afield came and made some fabulous postcards telling us why they love where they live, helping us create a rainbow wall of appreciation for our local communities. Today we’re sharing some of the brilliant postcards which were designed on Saturday:

MayFest 2014 033


MayFest 2014 035

MayFest 2014 036

MayFest 2014 037

MayFest 2014 039

MayFest 2014 040

MayFest 2014 041

MayFest 2014 043

MayFest 2014 044

MayFest 2014 046

MayFest 2014 048

MayFest 2014 050

MayFest 2014 051

MayFest 2014 052

MayFest 2014 053

MayFest 2014 054

MayFest 2014 055

MayFest 2014 058

We were delighted that about 160 people made us a postcard, helping to make our display look very colourful indeed by the end of the day:


Postmaster Charlotte Owen shows off all the postcards received at the Good Neighbours Post Office

It was great to hear all the things people love about their local area – there was a big focus on great open spaces and community, which was fantastic to see.

If you didn’t make it to MayFest on Saturday, why not let us know why you love where you live in the comments below?


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