March 18, 2014, by offcampus

PR Project Management: Putting Plans Into Action

This morning we’re pleased to welcome Advantage Award student Ruth Ng to the blog to give us an update on what the team of students on the PR Project Management module have been getting up to as the Nottingham Community Lunch draws nearer:

With just under two weeks to go until the Nottingham Community Lunch, the team were finally able to meet the students at Nottingham University Samworth Academy who will be the brains behind the food – which is a good job, because most of us have a rather stereotypically ‘student-like’ grasp of the culinary art! We were greeted by an enthusiastic bunch, mostly enrolled on the prestigious Jamie Oliver BTEC Food Skills course. After a sit-down and a chat to get to know each other a little, we started to get some ideas together. We don’t want to give too much away, but we’re already looking forward to eating it and it’s well over a week away..!

We had a peek around their facilities, where we’ll have a play with some ingredients next week to perfect our recipes before the big day. Excitingly, we were also invited to have a look around the facilities available at the venue itself, the Aspire Café on the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus. With this experience in hand, we were in a good position to go away and put the finishing touches on our plans for the day.

It’s been a busy few weeks for us. We’ve been working away, making phone calls and sending emails, sourcing and reading through literature on keeping healthy from sources such as the University and the NHS, designing menu cards (never mind the menus themselves!), brainstorming ideas whilst battling with the budget. Whilst a little stressful at times, we can see it all coming together gradually and can’t wait to make the event in our minds a reality!

We’re also delighted to have some VIP guests accept our invitations as well, so we’re hoping that the event will not only be a chance to unite the University with NUSA and Nottingham City Homes, but also with influential community figures. It’s a great privilege to welcome these guests and we’re hoping the tenants of Nottingham City Homes and the students with NUSA will enjoy the opportunity to have a chat to them and find out more about their respective roles. We can’t wait to meet everyone, and whilst we’re very busy with lots to do in preparation we’ve got our fingers crossed that it’ll be a great day!

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