November 12, 2013, by offcampus

Ready, Set, Pedal! – What’s It All About?

Ready, Set, Pedal! is the project run by students involved in the Nottingham Advantage Award to promote the option of cycling as a way of travelling to university and to create awareness about the cycling facilities on the campus and in the city.

A travel survey conducted on staff and students at the University of Nottingham showed that only 14% of people cycle to university, whereas 27% use their own cars and 30% travel by foot.

Nottingham is striving to be a city with more sustainable transport. With around 730,000 people living in the area, there are many people vehicles travelling in and around the city on a daily basis. If more people were to cycle, it would not only help reduce Nottingham’s carbon foot print, but would also allow less congestion.

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Many students that live off campus in areas such as Lenton, are put off cycling into University because they may feel uncomfortable cycling along the busy main roads.    Ready, Set, Pedal! has the goal of increasing awareness of alternative and safer cycle routes that would make students feel more comfortable riding a bike.

Cycling has so many benefits. For example, on average cyclists have the fitness of someone ten years younger. Why burn carbon when you could burn calories and get to university in no time at all? Not having to wait any longer for a bus to let you on means no more late ‘all eyes watching you’ arrivals to lectures.

As great as cycling is, it may not always be the option to take everyday. When weather conditions are rough, it may be safer to use a different method of transport to get to university. However, even by cycling twice a week you could save £20 a month on bus journeys. Imagine what else you could be spending your money on?

The University of Nottingham allows students to hire bikes, as well as having on-campus cycle-parking areas, showers to freshen up and puncture repair kits. More information on the locations of these facilities can be found at

On Monday 18th November, from 11am-2pm, Ready, Set, Pedal! will be launching in the Portland Building on University Park. The event will be the perfect opportunity for students to come and learn about the benefits of cycling in Nottingham and the facilities that are available.

In order to show the fun side of cycling, there will be smoothie bikes at the event where anyone can get involved and race against their friends and see who can make a smoothie fastest. As well as getting a free smoothie, there will be plenty of freebies that can give you that head-start into cycling – including seat covers and reflectors. Most exciting of all, there will also be the opportunity for someone who comes along to the event to win a brand new digital camera!

Ready, Set, Pedal! is also fortunate enough to have experts from Sustrans as well as Dr Bike, the ultimate bike fixing handy man, present to answer any questions or queries and give the best informed advice about cycling in Nottingham.

Be sure to like Ready, Set, Pedal! Facebook page to keep up to date with all the latest information. and don’t forget to come along to the launch on Monday 18th November to get useful freebies, route advice and a free smoothie!

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