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October 25, 2013, by offcampus

Reporting Crime

Today we’re pleased to welcome DS Nick Sawdon from Nottinghamshire Police to the blog, sharing some information about contacting the police and reporting incidents, with a focus on what happens after a mobile phone is stolen. 

If you think you have been a victim of crime then let the Police know. We will obtain details and investigate the offence. When you report a crime we will take the details and investigate the offence by various means :

  • Identify and speak to witnesses
  • Search CCTV footage
  • If your phone has been stolen, and we retrieve it, we’ll check the phone for any activity post theft, numbers called, sales checks, tracking type applications
  • We’ll ensure you have blocked a phone once we have tried tracking it.
  • Collate the information with other crimes to look for patterns or information that can be shared
  • Identify the offender and arrest and process them through the court system pursuing Court orders to keep them away from places they offend
  • Look for their associates and investigate them for conspiracy etc
  • Look at how they dispose of the proceeds of crime and close those avenues down
  • Get your property back to you

The information will also be used to let us know the bigger picture, if there is a lot of crime in that area then we specialise in sorting it out and hopefully preventing further crimes taking place.

We also need information or intelligence so any snippets of information you hear, even if you think the information is worthless, chances are we won’t think the same way. Investigation is like doing a jigsaw puzzle; if 1000 people have one piece each for a 1000 piece jigsaw then they’ve got a useless piece of cardboard. But if the 1000 people send their one piece to one person… you get the picture!

What should I do? 

Remember what you see and make a note or record if you can and call us on 101 to report a crime or 999 to report a crime in progress.

You can even send in information anonymously via Crimestoppers online at or by calling 0800 555111.

What else can I do ?

If you see something suspicious in a pub or club then let the security staff know. We’ve had some excellent results from people doing just that. Security Staff are responsible for the premises they guard so help them do their job and keep you safe.

Register your phone on this property register helps us to get the phone back to you when it is found.


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