August 17, 2020, by jicke

#BiofilmAware campaign to highlight infection fighting research

Researchers at the University of Nottingham searching for new treatments for difficult to treat bacterial infections are supporting an awareness campaign being run by the National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC).

Biofilms are well known to a number of research and development disciplines, but not to the general public. What they are, how they are formed and how they impact our world, generally is still a mystery to those outside the scientific community. Through a blend of content, events and outreach activities #BiofilmAware will work to raise awareness of NBIC and its research, and the many societal and economic impacts of biofilms. A highlight of the campaign will be the introduction of the UK’s first #BiofilmWeek, to be held in July 2021 to coincide with an NBIC event.

At the University of Nottingham’s Bioflms Innovation Centre scientists are studying molecular mechanisms driving the formation of biofilms and their resistance to treatment. They are working on the development of alternative treatments which can fight and prevent disease.

Professor Miguel Camara, is Co-Director of the National Biofilms Innovation Centre at the University of Nottingham, he explains: “There is a lot of exciting and important research happening in Nottingham that could be transformative in treating some types of infections and overcoming the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. We are working on a number of projects to understand how biofilms work in the body and how we can overcome the problems they cause. From finding new treatments for Cystic Fibrosis infections to the development of bacteria resistant materials being used in urinary catheters, our researchers are finding new and innovative ways to fight infection and prevent disease. We’re delighted to be supporting this campaign to highlight the importance of biofilms in everyday life.”

The Innovation Knowledge Centre funded by the BBSRC, Innovate UK and the Hartree Centre, is the UK’s hub for accessing biofilm expertise, capability, science and innovation, and connects biofilm specialists across the UK, providing a mechanism for industrial partners to explore their unmet needs with researchers to achieve breakthrough innovation. The centre also supports the development of technologies to prevent, detect, manage and engineer biofilms through translational Proof of Concept funding.

Dr Mark Richardson, NBIC CEO said,“A key part of NBIC’s role is Public Engagement and Outreach. At a time when each one of us has become acutely aware of the fragility of our relationship with the natural world, then as well as progressing the delivery of innovations, this is a vital activity for us to undertake. This campaign is geared to communicate the impact of biofilms to society and the general public. It will help us to understand public concerns and allow us to communicate the importance of controlling and exploiting microbial communities”.

Professor Nicola Stanley-Wall, University of Dundee said, “While the word “biofilm” may be unfamiliar, the impact they have on everyday life will not be. Biofilms are part of us, in the form of dental plaque. They also drive the generation of clean water in sewage, processing plants and increasing the yield of crops. The #BiofilmAware campaign is important, as it will help shine a light on both the remarkable and devastating consequences of biofilm formation”.

A range of digital campaign resources are available on the NBIC website via the #BiofilmAware hub – Visit to download and start sharing! The hub will be updated over the duration of the campaign with new and exciting content for you to share on a regular basis.

If you’re interested in supporting our campaign, or if you’re an academic in a research institution or a commercial organisation with a desire to join our mission to achieve breakthroughs in biofilm innovation, please contact us at


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