December 5, 2019, by jicke

Countdown to Christmas gets scientific!

The countdown to Christmas is underway and the Sustainable Process Technologies (SPT) Research Group are giving a daily dose of science with their fun and festive Labvent calendar.

Each day on twitter @UoNSPT #Labvent2019 and in the windows of L4 on University Park the Labvent calendar will feature a different area of research from the group with a snippet of information on what it is and a picture or diagram.

The 2ndDecember revealed metalloenzymes that are being made by the team and could have the potential to be used in pharmaceuticals and cancer treatments.

Scientific festive facts

Some of the Labvent doors will also reveal some interesting scientific festive facts, like how Christmas decorations could be made more sustainably using biomass and the environmental impacts of artificial versus real Christmas trees.

Victoria Outram is one of the research fellows who has helped create the Labvent calendar, she said: “The Labvent calendar is a fun and festive way to showcase the work of the Sustainable Process Technologies (SPT) group and highlighting the environmental challenges we are trying to address. Putting it together has also been a great way to get the very multidisciplinary research group interacting with each other. We hope people will follow us on Twitter or pop by L4 and look at the windows and see the scientific side of a Christmas countdown!”

The Sustainable Process Technologies (SPT) group aims to develop sustainable manufacturing, generating materials from renewable resources. These products can range from chemicals that remove the chewing gum from our pavements, right through to methods of efficiently producing life-saving anti-malarial drugs.

The SPT Research Group is aligned with the University of Nottingham’s Green Chemicals Beacon of Excellence, a multi-disciplinary, collaborative and industry-facing University investment in sustainability, with projects focusing particularly on realising the UN’s goals of sustainable industrialisation and climate action.




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