June 21, 2019, by Katie Andrews

#INWED19: Sarah Davidson

To mark International Women in Engineering Day on Sunday 23 June, we spoke to some of the inspirational women here at the University of Nottingham’s Faculty of Engineering.


Sarah Davidson
Associate Professor 
Department of Architecture and Built Environment 

What inspired you into your career in engineering? 

I really wanted to work in the construction industry where I could see the real results of my input reflected through buildings and landscapes. In my career I’ve worked with really great people on some exciting and interesting projects, both small and large. 

What project(s) are you working on at the moment? 

I have a great balance now where I’m involved in some live construction projects for clients wanting complex buildings and I’m part of a team working on the development of guidance associated with new international standards relating to information management for construction and asset management. 

What impact is expected from the projects you are working on? 

The construction industry is experiencing a digital transformation and the projects I’m involved in are all about pushing the boundaries of this transformation and raising industry awareness of smarter ways of working.

What do you think other women need to know about a career in engineering? 

That it’s exciting, challenging, diverse, can offer fantastic opportunities for travel, and you’re likely to work with brilliant people along the way.

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