June 21, 2019, by Katie Andrews

#INWED19: Annalisa Ferrante

To mark International Women in Engineering Day on Sunday 23 June, we spoke to some of the inspirational women here at the University of Nottingham’s Faculty of Engineering.


Annalisa Ferrante

PhD student 
Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering


What inspired you into your career in engineering? 

I’ve always been interested in science generally speaking but I always struggled to accept it just by the theoretical point of view. After my scientific diploma at 18 years old, I thought that engineering would have been the best practical way to help people and world, improving life and society choices. I then chose Energetic Engineering for my Undergraduate and Masters and afterwards, Mechanical Engineering for my PhD, in order to investigate the possible environmentally friendly techniques and adapt them to traditional transports. I also like challenges and the field of engineering is always full of apparently impossible and difficult topics to manage! 

What project(s) are you working on at the moment? 

I am working on a turbocharger prototype which is aims to enhance engine performances and produce a considerable energy saving.  

What impact is expected from the projects you are working on? 

My project aims for the prototype to achieve Technology Readiness Level 5 – that means the device has been tested officially in laboratory and can be tested on road. It is supposed to give a wider spread to hydraulic hybrid vehicles. 

What do you think other women need to know about a career in engineering? 

It’s not easy, but not because you are a woman, simply because it’s challenging for everyone! Always improve yourself and do not study or make efforts to prove to everyone else that even if you are a woman you can do engineering, do it for yourself and for the big picture of helping other people. 


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