December 18, 2018, by Liz Cass

Honourable visit from the Indonesian Education and Culture Attaché Office

The first Indonesian language and culture class to take place in Nottingham has ended with a visit from the country’s Education and Culture Attaché.

Professor E Aminudin Aziz from the Embassy of Republic of Indonesia was invited to Nottingham to discuss future opportunities for Indonesian language classes and cultural programmes following the success of the three-month scheme.

During his visit, the Attaché stressed the importance of collaborations in education and culture as well as fostering new friendships and appreciation among the students, staff and the general public.

Indonesian culture has long been celebrated among University staff and students in its three campuses. Meeting with Professor Nicola McLelland and Dr Oranna Speicher, Director of the Language Centre at the School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies furthered the commitment from both sides to continue the Indonesian language scheme at the University.

A lunch networking session with colleagues from Asia Research Institute and representatives from the Indonesian Students Association (PPI Nottingham) and the Indonesian Student Society highlighted the benefits of engaging collaboratively and creatively. Addressing students, the Attaché reflected on the role and responsibility of Indonesian students; explaining that the high level of support and guidance offered by the Embassy was instrumental in ensuring the Indonesian student community in the UK had  a positive education experience.

Nottingham has recently strengthened its tie with Indonesia through partnership with Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. An Indonesia Doctoral Training Partnership was launched which demonstrated shared vision and commitment with the Indonesian government to foster a new generation of scholars to tackle world challenges.

Leni Suek, a Lecturer from Nusa Cendana University, Indonesia, taught the language and culture class. She said: “The first Indonesian language and culture class went really well because of full support from the University. The students are also enthusiastic in learning both the language and culture. The students want to continue the class so this programme and collaboration should be continued.”

Professor McLelland, Head of School, Cultures, Languages and Area Studies, Faculty of Arts, said: “Leni’s evening class in Indonesian – a first in a University outside SOAS – has been much appreciated by her students, both University of Nottingham students and members of the public. We would be delighted to see Indonesian added to the range of languages the Language Centre is able to offer the University of Nottingham’s entire student community.”

Iswandy Janetputra Turu Allo, President of PPI Nottingham who is studying Medical Education MMedSci at the University, said: “The exchange of idea and culture between Indonesia and the UK should be continued and developed. It will be a massive opportunity for both sides to exchange the knowledge and culture and strengthen the relationship, particularly at the University of Nottingham. The Indonesian students in Nottingham are ready to support future work by actively participate in the language and cultural training and organising events related to Indonesian culture.”

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