June 20, 2018, by Charlotte Anscombe

World leading experts on Asia come together in new institute

The University of Nottingham has launched an Asia Research Institute, bringing together its world-leading research and expertise on Asia.

The aim of the Institute is to look at the major sustainable development challenges in Asia through engagement with practitioners and partners in the region. It also aims to increase dialogue with and to make an impact on the ongoing debates in the region, together with the University’s Chinese and Malaysian campuses.

The Institute includes nearly 200 academics whose world-leading research and specialist knowledge focus on the major challenges and opportunities in Asia. They have long standing engagements with practitioners and partners in the region, as well as those agencies and organisations in the UK with interests in Asia. It aims to contribute to policy discussions and has created the Asia Expertise Guide to facilitate this.

The experts have informed policy and contributed to ground-breaking research in many areas. These include research on Smart Cities, sustainable environments, identity and rights, governance and policy, poverty alleviation, elections, future foods, innovation and entrepreneurship and regional connectivity. This includes interdisciplinary research on the Belt and Road Initiative and regional responses to China’s strategy. The Institute also includes experts on business and industry in Asia.

It is led by Professor Katharine Adeney from the School of Politics and International Relations and it produces Asia Dialogue, producing contemporary analysis of the entire Asia region.

Professor Adeney said: “This is an exciting time to be researching Asia giving the importance of the large Asian economies to the world. In addition, the challenges facing peoples and countries in the region are real, often crossing disciplinary and state boundaries.

“The creation of the University of Nottingham’s Asia Research Institute will facility these cross border interdisciplinary discussions, engaging with practitioners within the UK as well as in the region. These discussions will enable us to make a significant contribution to the policy and the NGO community, as well as to increase the relevance of our research and teaching on the region”.

The Institute launched at Asia house in London with an event featuring the BBC’s Carrie Gracie and Professor Lord Meghnad Desai.

The Institute currently offers through the School of Politics and International Relations, a tri-campus MA on Asian and International Studies, and, from this year is also offering a BA in International Relations and Asian Studies. It organises an annual Tomlinson Lecture featuring a practitioner from the region.

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