June 1, 2018, by Charlotte Anscombe

Nottingham Professor receives highest academic honour in Northern Ireland

Professor Thomas O’Loughlin from the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Nottingham has been appointed an Honorary Member of the Royal Irish Academy.

The Academy has been honouring Ireland’s leading contributors to the world of learning since its establishment in 1785. Members are elected for their exceptional contribution to the sciences, humanities, social sciences as well as public services.

Professor O’Loughlin is an authority on the origins and evolution of the liturgy and theology of the early Christian Church, as well as being a leading scholar in the field of Early Insular Christian history.

He has published landmark books on Gildas, the most important early Welsh Christian writer, and on Adomnán, the most important Irish Church figure of the seventh century.

Membership of the Academy is the highest academic honour in Ireland and members assist the Academy in its work by serving on its various committees and working groups. They also represent the Academy nationally and internationally and by give their expertise to help promote awareness of how the sciences and the humanities enrich our lives and benefit society.

Professor O’Loughlin said: “I am delighted and overjoyed at receiving this honour. I grew up in Dublin and went to university there. The Academy was always known as the pinnacle of academic success in Ireland – so when I was asked if I’d accept it, I was thrilled.

“I’ve worked on a project with the RIA since 1990 and I actually replaced my own Professor from university on a project, so it has played a really big part in my academic career.”

Professor O’Loughlin was one of 28 new members of the RIA admitted in a special ceremony last week.

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