April 20, 2018, by jicke

‘MRI is Nottingham’s triumph’

During the ‘beast from the east’, The One Show battled the snow and came to Nottingham to spend the day filming at the Sir Peter Mansfield Imaging Centre.

The resulting film shown last night (19th April) charts the history of MRI, starting with Tomorrow’s World footage showing Sir Peter trying out his new invention, to today’s innovative scanning techniques being used to check the function of the placenta with an expectant mum.

You can watch it here, the MRI clip is from 14 minutes – https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09y1jlm/the-one-show-19042018

Personal insights

Some of those closest to Sir Peter Mansfield give a more personal insight into the man behind the science. Sir Peter Morris, long-time friend and colleague describes how Sir Peter ‘lived and breathed MRI..it was his life’ and Sir Peter’s wife, Lady Mansfield refers to the MRI as ‘the other woman.’ Lady Mansfield also talks about how frightened and anxious she was when Sir Peter tried out the MRI scanner for the first time.

Lady Mansfield also talks about the moment she took the call about her husband getting the Nobel Prize for his work in 2003. She says: “Peter had just got out of the shower so I had taken the call so shouted up to tell him he had won the Nobel Prize. He didn’t believe me of course telling me not to be so stupid as he thought I was joking.’- But of course he had and the film shows a family photo of him at the palace.

The team also filmed at the University of York where research into creating a portable MRI scanner is taking place and being led by Professor Simon Duckett who ends the film by saying: “We wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the brilliance of Sir Peter Mansfield.”


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