April 1, 2018, by Liz Cass

The purrfect place to study

A cat-friendly library will be a new stress-busting feature at the University of Nottingham.

Plans have been announced to turn the top floor of Hallward Library into a feline-friendly study room.

The initiative builds on the success of the University’s Puppy Rooms and comes following scores of requests from students asking to bring their pets to university.

The space, which has been named the Cat Attic or #Cattic, was inspired by students’ love of Bertie a local cat that frequents the area around the library.

Ian Kingsbury, Strategic Engagement and Communication Manager for Libraries, Research and Learning Resources at the University said: “Bertie always causes a stir when he comes on to campus. For some reason he likes the area around the library.

“We took inspiration from him and the Kitty café in Nottingham City Centre and thought we could convert the loft space into a cat-friendly study area. If it means students are feline more relaxed when they are learning then it can only be a good thing.”

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Animal welfare experts at the University’s Sutton Bonington campus have been consulted to ensure that the cats in the library will be well cared for.

An artists’ impression of what the site might look like has been created and will now be converted into building plans. The final decision on furniture will be placed in the paws of Bertie himself.

Andy Nolan,  Director of Estates (Sustainability) at the University of Nottingham, said: “We thought it would be fitting and ameowsing to let Bertie have an input so we are placing a number of different designs in cat baskets and we’ll see which one he sits in.”

Dr Paul Greatrix, Registrar at the University of Nottingham, added: Students tell us they miss their pets when they move away from home so we think this will be a purrfect addition to the student experience. If it means more people will spend time at the library then surely that’s a positive thing – I think it will be great motivation fur people to study.”

The #Cattic is expected to open in September in time for the new intake of students.

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Bertie’s Top 6 reads:

The Great Catsby- F Scott Fitzgerald

Purrsuasion- Jane Austen

Cat-ch 22- Joseph Heller

War and Puss- Leo Tolstoy

Hairy Potter and the Goblet of Fur – J.K.Rowling

A tale of two kitties – Charles Dickens

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