February 19, 2018, by Emma Rayner

New Medical School collaboration with China’s first state-run Medical College

A new partnership for scientific research and medical education has been established between the University of Nottingham’s School of Medicine and the first state-run medical school in China – Shanghai Medical College at Fudan University.

The partnership was launched recently at the 1st Fudan-Nottingham International Medical Education Symposium at Fudan University where a Memorandum of Understanding was signed to formally recognise the new collaboration. The venture has been supported by the University of Nottingham’s Asia Business Centre and the Knowledge Exchange Team at the University’s Ningbo campus.

The one-day symposium on the theme of ‘Innovation and Impact’ included eight seminars that focused on epidemiology, clinical studies, medical imaging, neurosurgery and GP training. The Nottingham delegation was led by Professor John Atherton, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, to foster academic exchanges and forge new links with Chinese researchers and medical education specialists.

Nottingham Fudan Medical Partnership Conference

Professor Atherton said: “This Memorandum of Understanding means the collaboration between the Medical School, University of Nottingham and Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University steps into a new stage. Through our award winning University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus, both institutions will work together for future medical challenges and contribute to the consolidation of China-UK “Golden Era.”

Prof. John Atherton

Around 70 academics, clinical professionals and students attended from Fudan University School of Basic Medicine, the School of Public Health, the School of Pharmacy, the Brain Hospital, the Institute of Biomedicine, Fudan University Zhongshan Hospital, Huashan Hospital, Cancer Hospital, and Fifth People’s Hospital.

The conference was hosted by Ms Tang Wenqing, Deputy Director of Fudan University’s Foreign Affairs Office and was opened by Professor Gui Yonghao, Vice President of Fudan University, Dean of Shanghai Medical College. Professor Gui said: “This symposium has promoted the mutual understanding of scientific researchers of both sides and laid a solid foundation for further scientific research cooperation.”

Professor Richard Hubbard, Director of Nottingham Health China, and Dr Zhu Chouwen, Vice President of Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University chaired the conference. There were presentations from Professor Mao Ying from Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, Professor Xu Jianqing from Fudan University School of Biomedical Sciences, Professor Jiang Sunfang and Sun Huichuan from Fudan University Zhongshan Hospital, together with Prof Richard Hubbard, Prof Thomas Meersmann and Dr Chengbo Wang from the University of Nottingham, and Dr Prit Chahal.

After the conference, a formal Memorandum of Understanding was signed to seal the universities’ cooperation in scientific research and medical education between the two medical schools. The areas of mutual scientific interest include Neuroscience and Nuclear Magnetic Imaging, Mental Health and Stroke, Anesthesiology, Hepatology and Liver Cancer Research, Breast Tumours, Pathology, Epidemiology, Public Health and Global Health, Medical Clinical Big Data, Nursing Talent Training and Research, General Practitioner Training, Summer School Courses for Medicine and Chinese Medicine. A regular work communication channel has also been established for both institutions.

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