September 26, 2017, by Lindsay Brooke

The 3D selfie is here!

Computer scientists at the University of Nottingham and Kingston University have solved a complex problem that has, until now, defeated experts in vision and graphics research. They have developed technology capable of producing 3D facial reconstruction from a single 2D image – the 3D selfie.

Their new web app allows people to upload a single colour image and receive, in a few seconds, a 3D model showing the shape of their face. People are queuing up to try it and so far, more than 400,000 users have had a go.

Here’s what happened to the School of Computer Science server when the team’s website went live!

You can do it yourself by taking a selfie and uploading it to their website.

Want to know more?

There’s more information on our website with links to the research paper and their video.

Here’s PhD student Aaron Jackson talking to Computerphile.


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