August 11, 2017, by jicke

Professional beer tasters needed for serious science

The Sensory Science Centre at Sutton Bonnington campus is looking for professional beer tasters to help with important research into the science of brewing.

The job involves evaluating different types of beer and ingredients to help researchers understand the science behind how different raw materials and brewing technologies could impact the taste and flavour of the beer. You could help provide answers to research questions such as ‘How does the aroma and flavour change if the alcohol content is altered?’ and ‘How does the flavour of a beer change over time?’.

Serious science

Christina Dietz is one of the PhD students running the project and said: “This may sound like an easy job but actually becoming a trained beer taster is hard work. It is serious science involving careful analysis and evaluations of flavour and aroma that will enable our research team to better understand the flavour of beer and help our industry partners improve their products and test out new technologies and ideas.”

To be a beer taster people need some key qualities:

  • Keen on trying new food and drinks
  • Have a curious nature and enjoy experiencing new sensations
  • Have a good sense of smell, taste texture and hearing
  • Be a good communicator willing to take an active part in group discussions
  • Have no allergies or dietary restrictions
  • Willing to consume alcohol (less than one unit per session)

Successful applicants will receive training and will attend up to two sessions per week, for which they will be given disturbance allowance.

To request an application form please contact Christina Dietz by 20th September –


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