July 19, 2017, by Lindsay Brooke

The One Show charts the story of the Bramley apple with Professor Ted Cocking

Emeritus Professor, Ted Cocking, made his debut on The One Show last week to talk about his efforts to save the original Bramley apple tree.

Professor Cocking, who recently received an honorary degree for recognition of his achievements in the field of botanical science, joined chef, Tony Singh, in the garden in Southwell, Nottinghamshire where the original tree is struggling with health problems.

The programme is on BBC iPlayer if you want to take a look.

Twelve clones of the Bramley apple tree thrive in the Millenium Gardens on University Park.

These trees were cultivated to guarantee that future generations of gardeners will have access to the original form of the ‘Bramley’s seedling’, even after the original tree inevitably stops fruiting.

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