May 4, 2017, by Liz Cass

European partnership to tackle world challenges

A partnership between The University of Nottingham and Lund University in Sweden will see more collaboration on European research projects over the next five years.

Professor Sir David Greenaway and Professor Eva Wiberg signed The Memorandum of Collaboration on Wednesday May 3 2017, with the aim of sustaining and deepening collaborations in research, teaching, staff and student exchange, and sharing good governance.

Research projects undertaken will bring together teams of experts in particular in the fields of cancer research, biomedical imaging, particle physics, education, and economics.


The two universities have committed themselves to sharing academic expertise and access to facilities such as the Ingenuity Lab, at Nottingham, and the MAX-IV synchrotron, a next-generation radiation facility,  in Sweden. Building on successful collaborative work over the past four years, the new strategic partnership allows teams of researchers to work closely together to deepen our understanding and find solutions to world problems.

Professor Peter Stockwell, Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement (Europe), said: “The strategic partnership between Nottingham and Lund reflects the recognition that major challenges in higher education, culture, geopolitics, economics and scientific research can best be faced by collaboration between leading universities.

“Both institutions are significant European universities with a global outlook, with longstanding experience of engaging with national, regional and global policy. They consistently appear in the top 100 universities in the world; they are comprehensive research and teaching universities with faculties spanning the breadth of human knowledge from arts and culture to science, medicine and technology.

“The success of the Lund partnership shows how a full strategic collaboration with a major overseas university can deliver enhanced research. We see similar focused and intense partnerships around the world as a key dimension of Nottingham’s position as a global university, and we are working to create more such collaborations in the future.”

Lund and Nottingham are members of Universitas 21, the leading global network of research universities. The Memorandum of Collaboration between the two universities was signed during the U21 meeting of international leaders, hosted at Nottingham at the beginning of May 2017.

Both partners are committed to using their memberships of international scholarly associations, and links with business and government, to promote world-changing research and enhance the international outlook of their staff and students.


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